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  1. Lisa del Giocondo (Italian pronunciation: [ˈliːza del dʒoˈkondo]; née Gherardini [ɡerarˈdiːni]; June 15, 1479 - July 15, 1542) was an Italian noblewoman and member of the Gherardini family of Florence and Tuscany.Her name was given to the Mona Lisa, her portrait commissioned by her husband and painted by Leonardo da Vinci during the Italian Renaissance
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  3. Mona Lisa, also known as La Gioconda, is the wife of Francesco del Giocondo.This painting is painted as oil on wood. The original painting size is 77 x 53 cm (30 x 20 7/8 in) and is owned by the Government of France and is on the wall in the Louvre in Paris, France
  4. In 2005, Lisa was identified definitively as a model for Mona Lisa. Video Lisa del Giocondo. Early life and family . Lisa's family at Florentine is old and aristocratic but has gradually lost its influence. They are rich but not rich, and live off agricultural income in the largest city in Europe
  5. The new hypothesis, based also on elements of style, was that the Louvre's 'Gioconda' did not represent the Monna Lisa del Giocondo described by Vasari (who eventually - among debatable observations - was at the origin of the name for the Louvre's masterpiece and its disputed dating to 1502-1506) but was painted for Giuliano de' Medici around 1514
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  7. But Giorgio Vasari, in his great collection of biographies (the Vite), specifically introduces del Giocondo as the man for whom Leonardo undertook to paint the portrait.Vasari is unequivocal in connecting together the three main protagonists: Francesco, his wife Lisa, and Leonardo

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  1. The title of the painting, which is known in English as Mona Lisa, comes from a description by Renaissance art historian Giorgio Vasari, who wrote Leonardo undertook to paint, for Francesco del Giocondo, the portrait of Mona Lisa, his wife. Mona in Italian is a polite form of address originating as ma donna - similar to Ma'am, Madam, or my lady in English
  2. In this podcast clip we talk about who was Lisa del Giocondo and was she Mona Lisa? Check out our other videos... Why Is Mona Lisa So Famous - It's Not What You May Think - https://youtu.be/hA.
  3. Ms. Lisa del Giocondo lived her life in peace and harmony with her husband. She raised his son from the first wife of Camilla Ruchelai. The stepmother of Lisa, Katerina and Camilla were sisters. Liza del Giocondo, through her marriage, raised her own social status, since the family into which she entered was significantly more wealthy than her own
  4. Tag: Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo. June 17, 2016. Strolling Mona Lisa's Florence. Prayers and Piazzas. This time last year I found myself waking up in Florence — strange for a Southern California resident — the chimes of the Duomo's bells drifting through my open window
  5. Dark family history behind Mona Lisa's sad smile revealed in new book. At the age of 15, real-life Lisa Gherardini married Florentine merchant Francesco del Giocondo - who traded in female.
  6. The Life of Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, the (Most Likely) Real 'Mona Lisa' Uncovered While scholars discovered her identity in 2005, the real 'Mona Lisa' has remained a mystery
  7. Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci (1503). Lisa di Antonmaria Gherardini — also called Lisa del Giocondo, after her marriage — was born on 15 June 1479, in Florence.She married in her teens to Francesco del Giocondo, a cloth and silk merchant — who later became a local official — who commissioned her legendary portrait, in 1503, to Leonardo da Vinci

The portrait may have been painted to mark one of two events - either when Francesco del Giocondo and his wife bought their own house in 1503, or when their second son, Andrea, was born in December 1502 after the death of a daughter in 1499. The delicate dark veil that covers Mona Lisa's hair is sometimes considered a mourning veil Lisa del Giocondo, the model for Leonardo's painting, was recorded buying snail water - then considered a cure for the STD. It could be the secret to a painting haunted by the spectre of deat Lisa del Giocondo, née Gherardini (15 June, 1479 - 15 July, 1542 or c. 1551), better known as Mona Lisa (archaic Italian for Lady Lisa) was a member of the Gherardini family of Florence and Tuscany in Italy.. Biography. Little is known about Lisa's life. She was born in Florence and married as a teenager to a cloth and silk merchant who later became a local official Mona Lisa, oil painting on a poplar wood panel by Leonardo da Vinci, probably the world's most famous painting. The sitter's mysterious smile and her unproven identity have made the work a source of ongoing investigation and fascination. Read more about the painting's subject and history Lisa del Giocondo. Detail of Mona Lisa (1503-06) by Leonardo da Vinci, Louvre

Visitors can strap themselves into the state-of-the-art headsets and learn snippets of information about Leonardo's famous sitter, Lisa del Giocondo, as well as his artistic method and the. Lisa del Giocondo, echgenoeate van Francesco del Giocondo, gesjilderd door Leonardo da Vinci. 't Sjilderie waerde bekindj es de Mona Lisa. Gesjtorve. 18 jannewarie: Lodewiek IX van Beiere (gebaore 1417) Biljendje kóns. Triptiek van Jan Floreins (1479) Hans. The story told by one of Leonardo's first biographers, Giorgio Vasari, is that this oil portrait depicts Lisa Gherardini, second wife of a wealthy silk and wool merchant Francesco del Giocondo. Buy lisa del giocondo beach products designed by independent artists from all over the world. 20% off all wall art! Today only! Offer ends tonight at midnight EST. Keywor The most common hypothesis is that his model was a lady from Florence, Lisa Maria Gherardini. This woman had married one of Da Vinci's relatives, Francesco del Giocondo, thus becoming Lisa del Giocondo. Others claim her face perfectly matches that of Catherine Sforza, princess of Forli, in a painting by Lorenzo di Credi

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  1. But a more widely recognized interpretation is that Mona Lisa was Lisa del Giocondo, the wife of a Florentine silk trader. 7 things you may not know about the 'Mona Lisa' Famous admirers
  2. Most modern historians agree that the lady depicted in the Mona Lisa was Lisa del Giocondo, who became a nun after her husband's death. She died in the convent on July 15, 1542, aged 63
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The Model: Lisa del Giocondo. In about 1503, Leonardo received a commission to paint Lisa del Giocondo. Lisa was a young lady in her early twenties, and she had several children. Her husband Francesco del Giocondo was an emerging civic leader in Florence and having a prestigious portrait in their household would be a coup Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo, known today as 'La Gioconda' was a silk merchant's wife who lived across the street from da Vinci. It is believed Lisa's husband Francesco Del Giocondo commissioned the portrait to celebrate either Lisa's pregnancy or the purchase of a house around 1502 and 1503 3. The identity wasn't sure until 2005. For centuries, historians have wondered about the true identity of the woman in da Vinci's famous painting. Lisa del Giocondo has always been the most possible candidate as there were references to her in later publications, but the question remained open for discussion.. It wasn't until May 2005 when a manuscript expert named Dr. Armin Schlechter. Mona Lisa mystery finally solved: The sitter is indisputably Lisa del Giocondo And not Isabella d'Este, Pacifica Brandano, Costanza d'Avalos, a cumulative female image—or Leonardo in dra Then came Lisa Gherardini, who in marrying Francesco, became Madam Giocondo, in Italian Madonna Lisa del Giocondo, shortened into Mona Lisa. The young woman survived childbirth six times, as.

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The art historians who think that the woman is Lisa del Giocondo also believe that she was with child when da Vinci painted her. Her arms crossed over her rounded stomach as well as historical evidence that suggests del Giocondo was pregnant for the second time when the painting was done perpetuate the idea that Mona Lisa was expecting Historians believe they've found Leonardo's model buried under the altar of a derelict Florence convent. The bones found date to the time of death of Italian noblewoman Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo

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  1. Mona Lisa is named for Lisa del Giocondo, a member of the Gherardini family of Florence and Tuscany, Italy and the wife fo wealthy Florentine silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo
  2. The description tells us about the reputation of the work: it was performed in Florence in 1503, Leonardo da Vinci worked there for 4 years, it represents Francesco Del Giocondo's wife, referred to as M[ad]on[n]a Lisa, Madame Lise. But moreover, it allows us to get what was making its value in the eyes of Vasari
  3. This is Dancing Painter Show. Ritratto di Monna Lisa del Giocondo in stile moderno by Dancing Painter Show on Vimeo, the home for high quality video

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It was painted by the Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous Italian artist, between 1504 and 1519, and is a half body commission for a woman named Lisa Gherardini. Her husband, Francesco Del Giocondo requested the work by Da Vinci just after the turn of the century. It is perhaps the most studied piece of artwork ever known The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci and is believed to be a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco Giocondo. For such a famous painting, it is surprisingly small; it measures just 30 inches by 21 inches (77 cm by 53 cm) Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda or La Joconde) is a 16th century portrait painted in oil on a poplar panel by Leonardo da Vinci during the Italian Renaissance. The work is owned by the Government of France and is on the wall in the Louvre in Paris, France with the title Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo Many believe that Leonardo started the earlier Mona Lisa painting for Del Giocondo when Lisa was in her early 20s and painted the one hanging in the Louvre with his own version of age. So, to make the model embed a two dimensional half tilted face of Mona Lisa with realistic human expressions, a meta learning architecture, as can be seen below, was used. It has an embedder network that maps head images (with estimated face landmarks) to the embedding vectors, which contain pose-independent information

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These are the sources and citations used to research Mona Lisa. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on Wednesday, May 11, 201 Left: Irina Guicciardini Strozzi, the 15th Great Granddaughter of Lisa del Giocondo. Right: The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci, 1503. Want to read this story later? Save it in Journal The Mona Lisa Foundation believes, based on its research, that this sketch was based on the earlier 'Mona Lisa', and this places the execution of this painting in the early 1500s. Pen and ink sketch of a 'Young Woman on a Balcony' by Raphael, executed c. 1504 in Florence where he apprenticed himself for a time at Leonardo's studio I 62 år har Inga-Lisa Eriksson och hennes man har varit gifta och bott under samma tak. I juni erbjöds John-Åke, som lider av demens, en plats på ett äldreboende i Vänersborg. Men.

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  1. Although the Mona Lisa Foundation has worked for years to prove that the second work is also by Leonardo's hand—and some studies in peer-reviewed journals make that case—others remain.
  2. Lisa was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo a rich silk merchant, who lived in Florence. Perhaps Mona Lisa (1499-1500) Although the sitter has traditionally been identified as Lisa del Giocondo, a lack of definitive evidence has long fueled alternative theories, including Leonardo's mother Caterina in a distant memory and glorified as the Virgin Mary, [6] and the possibility that Leonardo used.
  3. Score another one for Occam's razor: the sitter for the Mona Lisa was indeed named Lisa, according to German researchers.Lisa del Giocondo, to be exact. From R:. Experts at the Heidelberg University library say dated notes scribbled in the margins of a book by its owner in October 1503 confirm once and for all that Lisa del Giocondo was indeed the model for one of the most famous.

Här kan du ta del av hela läsarchatten med Aftonbladets reporter Lisa Röstlund, som svarade på frågor om granskningen I 1 JUN 2017 NYHETER Hbtq-personer hårt utsatta för hedersförtryc Mona Lisa (Hardback) Mona Lisa (Hardback) £15.00 RRP £25.00 You save £10.00. The true story of the Mona Lisa - the people behind it, how Leonardo painted it and what it meant to him, and its fortunes in the centuries since. Read this book and the world's most famous image will never look the same again

Of course, a number of theories abound, the most widely accepted of which identifies the subject as Lisa Gioconda, the wife of successful silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo. The filmmakers put this supposition to the test by traveling the globe, conferring with experts, and investigating every piece of recorded history they can find Lisa Gheradini, who died in 1542, was the wife of a rich silk merchant named Francesco del Giocondo. In Italy the Mona Lisa is known as La Gioconda It is thought that the lady displayed in the painting was Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a wealthy Italian man named Francesco del Giocondo. History indicates that he commissioned the work to Leonardo Da Vinci in 1503. The piece was titled Mona Lisa, which roughly translates to mean My lady Lisa, but it was never completed The Mona Lisa was commissioned by an cloth merchant and official of Florence Francesco del Giocondo. It was to be a portrait of his wife. It became one of the world's most recognisable works of art Mona Lisa (ouch La Gioconda geneump) is d'n titel van e gesjilderd werk van Leonardo da Vinci det waorsjienlik tösse 1503 en 1506 gesjilderd is gewaore en det noe in 't Louvre hingk. De gebroekde techniek is aolieverf op paneel (populerehout). 't Is 't portret van e vrouwmis, waorsjienlik Lisa Gherardini, of vóloet Lisa di Antonmaria Gherardini di Montagliari, de derde echgenote van.

Dark family history behind Mona Lisa's sad smile revealed

Instead, da Vinci's lady, the wife of an influential Florentine merchant, Francesco del Giocondo (even this is debated), sits amid a melting contour which leads the viewer's eye around the figure. Med andra ord: eftersom i detta fall den efterlevande maken, Lisa, hade mindre egendom än den avlidne maken, Lasse, delas egendomen lika mellan Lisa och barnen A och B. Exempel 2: Om äktenskapet i stället hade upplösts på grund av Lisas död, får Lasse behålla all sin egen egendom (200 000 euro) och barnen A och B får endast den egendom (100 000 euro) som hört till Lisa Mona Lisa was the wife of Francesco di Bartolommeo Giocondo diZ anobi del. Mona Lisa was believed to be 24 years old at the time her portrait was painted. Her enigmatic smile has captured the imagination of people for centuries. 3. • The Mona Lisa was a portrait 4. The hunt for Mona Lisa's remains has gone on since a 2007 book pegged her identity to the Del Giocondo clan, something most modern art historians now agree with, and last resting place to former.

The Origin Story. First thing's first: Yes, Mona Lisa was a real person. And while scholars have debated who that person was for centuries, most believe the seated subject of Leonardo da Vinci's famous work was Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, aka La Gioconda. The Florentine lady's wealthy silk merchant husband may have commissioned the portrait to celebrate the impending birth of their child. Experts have speculated for the Mona Lisa to be one of the following: Lisa del Giocondo, a female likeness of Leonardo, or Leonardo's mother. Her duplications have been printed on household items, trinkets, and souvenirs. Artists have also painted their renditions of Mona Lisa and have amounted to her timelessness and popularity

Lisa's husband Francesco del Giocondo, a silk merchant like these men painted by Ghirlandaio, inherited the nickname of his great grandfather, a jovial wine barrel maker dubbed giocondo (the merry one). In Italy, Lisa's portrait is known as La Gioconda -- a play on her husband's name and on the Italian for a joyful woman Mary Holm, Filipstad, somnade stilla in den 3 oktober i en ålder av 66 år. Närmast sörjande är maken Pekka samt barnen Linda, Jari, Marita och Annika. Per Hedemo Deje och Nås Per Hedemo, Deje och Nås, har avlidit den 29 september i en ålder av 68 år. Han sörjes närmast av makan Marianne och barnen Gina och Sandra med familjer Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, a wealthy silk merchant's wife and the mother of five children, has been a leading contender since an art historian identified her as the sitter in 1550, more than.

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It's thought that a wealthy Italian merchant, Francesco del Giocondo, commissioned da Vinci to do the painting of his wife, Lisa Gherardini, after the birth of the couple's child Remains there are thought to be of Lisa Gherardini's husband, Bartolomeo Del Giocondo, and her two sons. The DNA comparison could identify the skeleton of the real Mona Lisa

Dec 2, 2017 - Mona Lisa Parodies and More!. See more ideas about mona lisa parody, mona lisa, mona This is the name of the subject of one of the world's most famous paintings, the 'Mona Lisa', the portrait of Lisa del Giocondo by Leonardo da Vinci. Name Analysis of Liza Character Analysis of Liza : Persons with the name Liza, are Charismatic, cheeky and sociable fun-lovers, adaptable to change and adore colorful bright surroundings While the identity of the woman is not certain, historians believe Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Florentine silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo, sat for Da Vinci for the painting I thought, 'Wait, she's not looking at me,' he said. To make sure it wasn't just him, the researchers asked 24 people to view images of the Mona Lisa on a computer screen Immersed in research on Mona (Madame) Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, Leonardo da Vinci's assumed model, I took a deep breath. If he was right, I would end up with the story of the greatest case of mistaken identity in the history of art

För en grupp kvinnor på en militärbas i England är oron för makar som befinner sig i strid vardag. Bland dem finns respektingivande Kate och levnadsglada Lisa, som tar sig an uppdraget att hitta något som förenar dem. Stickning och bokklubbar havererar omgående, men kanske körsång är värt ett försök 3.5/5. A fascinating study of the real-life model for Leonardo's Mona Lisa, arguably the most famous portrait in the world, parodied now as kitsch. The author found her existence in baptismal records and since has spent years researching her subject, Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, wife of a wealthy silk merchant HOLLYWOOD Äktenskapet med den svenska Hollywoodfrun Anna Anka slutade med polisinsatser och en bitter vårdnadstvist. Men Paul Anka vägrade ge upp tron på kärleken. Nu har den 75-årige. DNA testing could confirm Mona Lisa model, Bones of Del Giocondo family to undergo Carbon-14 testing, too, , English News, Ans I,Mona Lisa takes the readers back in time in the 15th century Florence during the last years of rule of Lorenzo de' Medici and the raise of the Dominican monk and religious fanatic Girolamo Savonarola who preaches against any kind of display of art, even comfort, against the Medici and the pope. We are introduced to this world through the eyes of young Lisa

In-text: (Mona Lisa - Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo | Louvre Museum | Paris, 2017) Your Bibliography: Louvre.fr. 2017. Mona Lisa - Portrait Of Lisa Gherardini, Wife Of Francesco Del Giocondo | Louvre Museum | Paris Francesco Del Giocondo commissioned a portrait of his wife, Lisa Gherardini. The reason why the $100m policy wasn't taken out was due to the premiums costing more than the best security money could buy. In 1911, Vincenzo Perugia caused a mass panic after successfully smuggling The Mona Lisa out of the Louvre Without doubt the most celebrated, the most discussed, and one of the most recognisable paintings in the world, Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) was painted between 1503 and 1505 and is thought to be a figurative reproduction of the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, Lisa Gherardini. The painting has been the centrepiece of the Musée du Louvre's collection since 1797 and the enigmatic. The story behind its origins.... Actually no one knows who the Mona Lisa was! It is mostly believed that Lisa Del Giocondo, a member of Gherardini family of Florence and Tuscany was the model for Monalisa . This painting was commissioned for their.. Top 6 Interesting Facts about Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa is obviously the painting most talked about in the world. It may come as surprising once you find yourself in front of it: it is small, the colors have gone dull, and is definitely neither the most impressive nor the most interesting painting in the world, yet alone in the Louvre

Introduce them to some of the competing theories. Some believe that the woman was Lisa del Giocondo, the wife of a famous art patron of the period. Others have contended that the model was da Vinci himself. Even if it was del Giocondo, very little is known about this woman. Have your students think about who the Mona Lisa was What's more, it depicts Lisa del Giocondo as a beautiful young woman. That makes sense, because in 1503 Lisa was just 24 years old, quite unlike the matronly figure who stares at us from behind.

Art historians believe da Vinci painted his most celebrated work between 1503 and 1506, while he was living in his native Florence. Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, a wealthy Florentine silk merchant. Vi är medvetna om problemet. Vi på NA ber också om ursäkt för att det här kan påverka just dig som ville läsa den digitala versionen av tidningen. Du behöver inte kontakta oss, utan vi jobbar istället med problemet. Vår leverantör har driftstörningar, men en tekniker på plats arbetar. The lady in the painting was a certain Lisa del Giocondo, who was a member of the Gherardini family of Florence and the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a wealthy Florentine silk merchant I rollerna: Bridie Carter, Lisa Chappell, Aaron Jeffery, Myles Pollard, Rachael Carpani m.fl. Del 7 av 22. The heart is a drum Musikdokumentär om hur en ung man med brustet hjärta inspirerade några av världens främsta musiker

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